CUL, T-S 10J5.15

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T-S 10J5.15

CUL (Cambridge, United Kingdom)


Contract of employment of Shmuel b. Yaʿaqov for a copy of sections of the Torah.

  • Copy production
  • Copyist
  • Contract of employment of a copyist

Document Definition

Vertical rectangle


Content Description

Contract of employment



  1. בשם יי

  2. יקול שמואל בן יעקוב אני ואקפת סלאמה בן סעיד בן צגיר עלי

  3. נסך אלתמניה אספאר אלנבי ואלכתיב בכטהא ונקטהא ומאסרתהא

  4. וכתב שרוט פי אול כל גזו ופי אכרה ותגלידהא ועמל זנפילגה

  5. להא ויכון דלך עלי אלנמודג אלדי ענד אבו אסחק אברהים [בן]

  6. חגיג והי אלתורה אלדי נסכתהא לה לא זאיד ענהא ולא נאקץ

  7. [כ]מא תקדם בה אלשרט ואלאגרה פי דלך עלי גמיע מא תקד[ם]

  8. בה אלוצף כה דינארא גיאדא ואזנה

  9. קבצת מן דלך דינארין ודלך עלי יד סיידי אבו נצר סלאמה

  10. בן סעיד בן צגיר איידה אללה והו אלמתולי לנסך הדה אלאגרא

  11. לאבי אסחק אברהים בן חגיג איידה אללה

  12. ודלך ללנצף מן שעבאן סנה אתני עשר וארבע מאיה


  1. In the name of the LORD

  2. Samuel b. Jacob says: “Behold, I hereby make an agreement with Salāma ibn Saʿīd ibn Ṣaḡīr concerning

  3. a copy of the eight books of the Prophets and the Writings, with its script, its vowel points and its masora,

  4. and the signs at the beginning and end of each section, and its binding and the manufacture of the case

  5. for it. And it should be according to the exemplar that is in Abū Isḥāq Ibrāhīm ibn

  6. Ḥujayj’s possession – that is the Torah that I copied for him – nothing more and nothing less, 

  7. according to what is stipulated in this agreement. And the fee for this for all that is stipulated

  8. in this specification is 25 dinars of full weight.

  9. I have received from this two dinars, which came from the hand of my lord Abū Naṣr Salāma

  10. ibn Saʿīd ibn Ṣaḡīr – God give him strength – who is directing the copying. This fee is

  11. for Isḥāq Ibrāhīm ibn Ḥujayj – God give him strength.

  12. And this is Mid-Šaʿbān, the year 412.


Source of the translation:

Outhwaite, Ben, 2018, Beyond the Leningrad Codex: Samuel b. Jacob in the Cairo Genizah. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studies in Semitic Linguistics and Manuscripts : A Liber Discipulorum in Honour of Professor Geoffrey Khan., pp. 11-12.

A fragment (one folio) of a register of the Palestinian congregation of Fustat, probably copied

Mid-Shaʿbān 412 Hijra

November 1021

11th Century CE


Physical Description

197 mm

233 mm

Fragment of a leaf/sheet




Brown (iron-gall)

No pricking

No ruling

Text on one side only


  • Left-hand margin is not even
  • Extended letters




Hand #1 of Item "T-S 10J5.15"
- Type: Main text scribe
- Scribe Identifications: Scribe named in the document
- Name Assigned to Scribe: Samuel b. Jacob
- Date Assigned to Scribe: early 11th century
- Name in the Document: שמואל בן יעקוב
- Types of Naming in the Document: Full name

No vowels or accents

Two yods



  • Bareket, E., Jewish Leadership in Fustat (Hebrew), Tel Aviv, Diaspora Research Institute, 1995, p. 204–205.

  • Ofer, Y., עיבוד מסרני של ערכים ממחברת מנחם בידי שמואל בן יעקב, Leshonenu 62 (1999), 189–255.

  • Outhwaite, B. (2016). Samuel ben Jacob: the Leningrad Codex B19a and T-S 10J5.15. [Genizah Research Unit, Fragment of the Month, January 2016].

  • Link to the shelfmark entry in the Princeton Genizah Project database: T-S 10J5.15

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