CUL, T-S 10J5.15
1 image | Document | Enrolment of a contract of employment of a scribe; page from a pinqas Contract in which a payment of 25 dinars is agreed upon for a copy of sections of the Torah, to be copied...
Alliance Israelite Universelle, AIU 234 (Colophon)
1 image | Document | Colophon
CUL, T-S 8K20.3 (Colophon)
2 images | Document | Biblical Glossary of Ezra with a colophon.
Bodleian Library, MS. Pococke 32 (Colophon)
1 image | Document | 13th Century CE | Colophon
CUL, T-S 12.5
2 images | Document | 11th Century CE | Bill of partnership between Moses b. Judah the cantor and Hasan ha-Kohen b. Salman.
CUL, T-S 16.19
2 images | Document | 13th Century CE | Full inventory of a private library from the 13th century containing 107 books
CUL, T-S K 3.43
0 images | Document | Recto: book list which includes Saʿadya and Shemuʾel Gaʾon Verso: Arabic accounts
British Library, BL Or. 5552.2a
0 images | Document | A state document of the Fatimid period. Reused for the fihrist (book list) of Shemuʾel b. Ḥofni.
Jewish Theological Seminary of America, ENA 2742.5
2 images | Document | 11th Century CE | Letter from Shemuel Gaon b. Hofni to an unknown Aluf (אלוף). Among other things the letter provides informations about copies of two of the Gaon’s books.
Jewish Theological Seminary of America, ENA 2804.17
2 images | Document | 11th Century CE | 11th CE letter from Shlomo b. Yehuda, adressed to Sahlan b. Avraham.
Jewish Theological Seminary of America, ENA 3616.9
2 images | Document | 11th Century CE | Recto: Letter from the Qaraite Mahbub b. Nissim, Ramla, to Abu al-Faraj in Fustat.
Jewish Theological Seminary of America, ENA 4046.3
2 images | Document | Letter in which the writer refers to notebooks of responsa that he would like copied by an expert scribe on good quality paper - not Egyptian paper, he says, but rather...
Bodleian Library, MS. Heb. b. 9.30 (Haqdashah)
0 images | Document
Bodleian Library, MS. Heb. c. 13.14
2 images | Document | 11th Century CE | Letter from Shelomo Ha-Kohen b. Yosef, Dalton, to Hillel Ha-Ḥaver b. Yeshua Ha-Hazzan, mentioning book-making, copying prices and copying of quires.
CUL, T-S K 25.230
0 images | Document | 11th Century CE
CUL, T-S Ar. 20.5
0 images | Document | Verso: Book list in Arabic letters listing Epistles of the Brethren of Purity. Report of a warraq workshop (copyist, bookbinder and vocalizer).
CUL, T-S AS 181.79
0 images | Document | Booklist in Arabic script.
CUL, T-S Ar. 42.76
0 images | Document | Book list in Arabic script
CUL, T-S Ar. 53.54
0 images | Document | Part of Leviticus with a book list belonging to Abu Sa'd ha-Nadiv,
CUL, T-S Misc. 8.21
0 images | Document | Judaeo-Arabic literature followed by a short book list with first entry being Kitāb ʿIlm al-Nafs.
CUL, T-S AS 158.245
0 images | Document | Recto: Piyyut Verso: Book list
CUL, T-S AS 117.32
0 images | Document | Recto: bookseller accounts (Greek/Coptic numerals) Verso: Arabic accounts (Greek/Coptic numerals)
CUL, T-S Ar. 38.29
0 images | Document | Recto: List of books that have been pawned. Verso: recipe in Arabic Letters (medical?)
CUL, T-S NS 226.165
0 images | Document | Judaeo-Arabic accounts and book list.
CUL, T-S K 6.126 (Colophon)
0 images | Document | Recto: Grammatical commentary on Ruth with a colophon.
CUL, T-S NS 317.37
0 images | Document | Fragment of a book list.
CUL, T-S AS 217.15
0 images | Document | Book list